Character Media brings images to life. Turning substantive messages into visually attractive and appealing programmes. That’s what we are good at. Our ultimate goal is to give every story a certain depth and attitude. Hence, Character!

There’s a lot of trust in our professionalism, method of working and multi-media approach. Character Media has won the prestigious ‘Tile’ (‘De Passagier van Bus 73 – RvT) and the PIME award.



Fragment: The passenger of bus 73

A reconstruction of the arrest of the most wanted war criminal in Europe: Radovan Karadzic. Part of a series of three documentaries Character Media provided for AVRO. ‘The passenger of bus 73’ won ‘The Tile’ in 2009, the Dutch equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize.


Studio: The Smartest School

Ren je Rot, the Achmea knowledge quiz, Klassenwerk.  Old successful Dutch titles, of which we have combined the very best into one exciting studio programme. The Smartest School. An international title with one simple question: Which school is the smartest in the Netherlands? Shot in Studio 24, 36 schools compete for this prestigious title.


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‘The walk’ is a weekly programme for KRO. During the great refugee crisis in 2015, the question was raised whether to make a series of this programme regarding the issues or refugees, with recordings from Lesbos to Budapest. A walk a lot of refugees have had to make. Character Media accepted this task, and provided collaborated on this series.