Character Training links top trainers such as Yvon Jaspers, Frank van der Linden and Tako Rietveld to affordable training courses. Our courses are practical, and are taught by specialists who are knee-deep ‘in the field’ every single day. Quality, tailor-made guidance and a personal approach are our core values.

Character Media is one of the most trusted companies in the media landscape; we have been providing high quality media-related courses for broadcasters, companies and non-profits for many years.

You will find an overview of courses Character Training provides below:


Professional filming using your iPhone

Shoot a professional film, edit it and upload it onto social media, all in one day? It’s possible.

Your smartphone’s camera is of such high quality nowadays, it will easily allow you to shoot professional films with it. This provides companies and non-profits with great opportunities if they wish to produce their own online content. In addition, this method is rather cost-effective and really fun to do.

Interview training

Are you looking to get trained by the best interviewer in the Netherlands? Frank van der Linden submerges you in the art of a good interview. At the end of the course, thanks to his personal approach, you will have found the style that suits you best, and you will be a better interviewer overall.

Presentation training

Presenting is a career. Do you dream of becoming a (TV) presenter, do you have to talk to people for your job, or are you the one in charge of convincing clients to collaborate with your company? In that case, the ‘presentation techniques’ course is highly recommended.

Yvon: “At the end of this personal training, you will know yourself better, and you will know exactly where your strengths as a speaker/presenter lie.”

Filming with drones

An introductive course for both people wanting to work with drones and policymakersthat deal with drones within projects or when developing policies.

All facets of working with drones are covered in an educational and future-oriented practical course, in just one day. We consider the possibilities, restrictions and safety. You can also experience yourself what it feels like to be an actual drone operator.