The refugee crisis, the last witnesses of the Second World War or underprivileged youths. Important social topics that matter. As creative artists with a passion for journalism, we are proud that our films cause an uproar, stir the debate and encourage people to give these issues some thought. Our goal is to give important topics the attention they deserve, by using our own expertise. The tokens of acknowledgment we have received so far, are for example the Tile and the PIME award for communication excellence.

Stuff we are proud of

Monumenten Spreken

The generation that actively experienced the Second World War, is becoming extinct. To pass on their stories to new generations, Robert Van Tellingen engaged himself as director and co-organisator of the project ‘Monuments speak’. Thanks to an educational website, 100 witnesses of the Second World War tell their stories, bundled in 28 captivating stories about the Zaanstreek.

The Journey

Jamil Makhoul and Thaeer Muhreez are two talented filmmakers who ended up in a tented camp in Zaandam late 2015. They’d fled a war in Syria. Character Media launched a couple of film projects with them, aimed at rallying more support for Syrian refugees in the Netherlands. One of those productions was created in collaboration with Issa Shaker, from ‘Wereldomroep’. Phoning home: a simple idea, with a lot of impact.

One Single Planet

Commissioned by the Nicolaas G. Pierson foundation, Character Media provided an inspiring presentation of Marianne Thieme. One Single Planet. If humanity does not change its behaviour, it will exhaust the earth, until nothing remains but a bare planet.  A change in behaviour is possible, but it starts with awareness. One Single Planet is a multi-disciplinary event, recorded in the old hall of the second chamber in The Hague.

Deloitte: Impact foundation

Deloitte created a foundation to offer employees an opportunity to commit to social projects. Character Media was asked to create a trailer for the launch of the Impact foundation, in order to enthuse the employees and shareholders about this useful foundation.